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LMD services:
Whole system consultancy

Piecemeal and fragmented change initiatives result
in piecemeal and fragmented improvement.
LMD uses a ‘whole system’ approach to move organisations forward

People-focused processes

LMD’s organisational development consultants have developed an approach to business improvement which avoids innumerable, costly and tedious ‘process mapping’ exercises and meetings. Instead we make maximum use of the creativity and insight of the people involved in delivering a service or running a business process.

Our approach is based on a simple idea: if you wish to change a system, then get the whole system in the room. Not only is this approach highly efficient (one meeting instead of many), it is also highly effective, because it taps into people’s creativity, builds commitment, and takes into account the complexity of OD issues.

Bringing about change from within

Whole system processes are not simply large meetings. Normally lasting one or two days, our events are carefully designed and facilitated, drawing on the practices of Future Search, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe and Real-Time Strategic Change.

Key issues identified in the whole system event can then tackled through a integrated set of change projects which refine the detail and prepare the way for implementation through new structures and new ways of working, supported by new forms of learning and development.

Our approach minimises time and cost, and develops internally capability and commitment. It encourages a strategic network of stakeholders to form and drive change through. Best practice is naturally shared and improved upon, as people within the organisation take ownership of and responsibility for change.

Our consultants are currently supporting clients working on issues of culture change, remote management, flexible working, and budget reduction.

Whole system approach: LMD stayfix model

It’s tempting in austere times to reduce spend across the board (cut B) but it’s better to avoid quick fixes (cut A) and invest in long term ‘stay fix’ solutions.




In times of financial
stringency, creativity and innovation are essential. Approaches which enliven people to think freshly and radically about challenges
are needed