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LMD services:
Teambuilding & group events

LMD’s intensive teambuilding and group events
bring long-term benefit

Helping teams be more productive

Teams rarely stay the same. They change, merge, reduce, grow, get given new remits.
Typical team issues that LMD works with clients to address include:improving communication between dispersed teams, or teams with different roles, who need to work closely together

  • exploring and sharing personal strengths and how to use these to best effect
  • developing or reviewing shared vision, strategy, plans for the year ahead
  • sharing learning from projects to improve management and performance
  • having better discussions and making better decisions
  • improving use of time and work-life balance
  • developing practical proposals for improvement in team working
  • building engagement, involvement and ownership

Making the most of time together

Typically LMD works with two facilitators and groups of up to forty, using practical tasks, drama, and profiling tools to create insight and impact. Our facilitators work in partnership with clients to:

  • Undertake diagnosis of presenting and underlying issues.
  • Design events which are creative and productive, with clear and relevant outcomes.
  • Facilitate the event, working alongside internal managers where appropriate.
  • Gather and review evaluation data, and create a summary report, including visual reminders.

“There was a lot of positive feeling after the event with LMD and people felt that this time things would be different. Most of the actions have been taken forward …  A strong theme was how useful people found it in terms of networking and holding frank and open discussions with colleagues that they don’t get to meet up with very often. Contacts made at the event have carried on back in day to day business.” (Sue Lancaster, Solution Design, DWP)




Issues raised at a
client teambuilding event