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LMD services:
Coaching & action learning

Making coaching and/or action learning part of the training blend heightens impact on performance


Phone or Skype coaching during and after workshop programmes gives leaders and managers valuable and concentrated additional support, particularly in relation to performance management, managing change, career development, and the development of interpersonal skills and leadership styles.

LMD coaches focus on issues where coaching will make a visible and measurable difference – for example, installing a new system successfully, making a partnership work better, getting better contract value, introducing a service improvement. Coaching maximises the chance of individual projects being successful, by providing feedback at key review points.

LMD coaches are qualified and experienced trainers and facilitators, so that individuals are coached by someone who has seen them in action in other parts of the learning programme. All have hundreds or thousands of hours’ experience gained in a wide range of contexts and work to the LMD Code of Coaching Practice.

Action learning

Action learning is proven to be an effective and efficient way of helping managers apply their learning long term to real world issues. It provides a constant small group learning experience which makes learning relevant and engaging. Our skilled action set leaders facilitate groups of around eight managers to enable them to:

  • address live challenges, using what they have learnt on programmes
  • review progress and gain feedback on development plans and workplace projects
  • plan next steps with supportive challenge and questioning from their peers
  • network and build supportive relationships across the group
  • develop peer-to-peer coaching and facilitation skills
  • acquire the skills to facilitate themselves as a long term group.

LMD embeds action learning sets within workshop-based programmes and also runs groups separately. Sets combined with individual coaching provides a powerful impetus for change.




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