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LMD services:
E-learning & online communities

For many topics, and many learners, an element of
face-to-face learning is essential – but online solutions can extend and enrich learning while driving down
costs. Here’s how.

E-learning to build knowledge

If your organisation is adopting new systems, launching new services, working on employee compliance, seeking to improve customer service, or needing to integrate new starters effectively, then e-learning will help to achieve rapid and widespread factual learning.

LMD’s approach to e-learning is focused on engaging learners in self-directed, self-tested learning.

Online workshops & coaching

Webinars are a cost-effective alternative way to deliver tailored content to a dispersed audience.

They can usefully be linked with online tutoring and coaching which provides tailored support for each individual and helps to consolidate and embed formal learning in the workplace.

Online resources to support application

In areas of established knowledge, online toolkits quickly and cost-effectively provide the practical resources needed for a specific activity. For example, quickstart summaries, ‘how to’ guides, MS Office template files, and success stories.

LMD helps clients to organise existing resources and develop new content, for internal and external use. We convert printed and presentation materials into formats which can be more quickly and widely shared. We’ve created toolkits on a wide range of topics, from choosing learning and development, to procurement processes, to improving palliative care.

Online communities to improve practice

Successful online communities of practice are built on a commitment to working together to find ways of doing things better. LMD can facilitate online communities so that training cohorts continue to learn from each other, and from subject experts, about ways to improve practice in the workplace.

CLG Procurement portal built by LMD

At CLG an online procurement portal helps all staff to understand follow procedures



LMD’s top 10 ways
to add value through
online elements …

  1. Programme introductions
    and overviews available
    to all
  2. Pre-work for programmes,
    to be submitted before
    booking a place
  3. e-learning walk-throughs
    of new products/processes which test knowledge
  4. Tightly-structured short webinars on practical
    ‘how to’ topics
  5. Post-workshop clinics
  6. Group coaching
  7. ‘Ask the expert’ timed
  8. Moderated workshop
    follow up discussions
  9. ‘Wall of success’ project reports to learn from
  10. Gathering feedback using survey and polling tools