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LMD services:

LMD’s highly interactive, experiential workshops make best use of time away from the job


Our resource bank of over 150 courses, and the creativity of our learning designers, provide a rich resource for the design of bespoke and tailored programmes to meet clients’ needs.

Our workshops are informed by the practice of appreciative inquiry – bringing about change by working with the positive qualities of individuals and teams. We use:

  • client scenarios and case studies to heighten relevance
  • accelerated learning methods and individual feedback to maximise learning retention
  • actors for role plays and work to build interpersonal skills
  • action planning and delegate notes to support application in the workplace.


Regular clients say they enjoy the difference we bring with our fresh, creative approach and positive, interactive delivery. We are told we are highly motivational and inspiring, particularly when using powerful experiential learning processes and work-focussed case studies.

We specialise in helping people reflect on and evaluate their own performance, drawing out useful conclusions and forward plans. We are expert in giving balanced, objective, appreciative and sensitive feedback. We work dynamically with individuals and groups, creating an atmosphere where everyone can have their say, feel valued and respected, and develop the confidence to apply their learning.


Our administrators ensure events run smoothly, from one-off bite-size workshops to year-long mandatory programmes. Where clients wish, LMD can handle all aspects of course administration from initial invitation to final evaluation.

LMD printed materials

LMD’s professionally designed templates ensure fast production of high quality materials. Participant notes aid learning retention and application and trainer notes ensure consistency
of delivery.




LMD offers bespoke and
tailored workshops in: