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LMD services:
Blended learning solutions

Blended solutions appeal to a wide range of learning styles. LMD develops blends that are cost-effective,
not faddish

LMD’s learning solutions are role-based and experiential, maximising participants’ ability to immediately apply what they have learnt. They normally involve some blend of:

  • Profiling tools and/or online 360º - to build self-awareness in relation to core skill requirements.
  • Online workshops, resources, communities and e-learning - to build knowledge and learning networks flexibly, extending access while minimising valuable time away from the workplace. Online methods can be used for a wide range of preparatory activities and follow up support.
  • Workshops – from bitesize to full days – focussed on making best use of time together for skills practice, feedback, and constructive, creative discussions. Workshops may include drama-based scenarios based on specific organisational issues.
  • Coaching and/or action learning - to help people apply what they have learnt on the job, focussing on issues where support can make a tangible difference to individual or team results. Coaching and/or action learning can be particularly effective when linked to work-based projects to improve services/reduce costs, and organisational raids to learn from others.

Performance Support to embed new learning

The longer the gap between training and application of learning, the greater the probability of learning decay. Performance Support helps to embed new behaviours and ensure engagement in change.

LMD includes these simple ways to support improved performance in every programme:

  • Learning logs and actions plans for discussions with peers and/or line manager
  • Workplace activities that must be undertaken before training is recognised as complete
  • Participant Packs providing practical tools for use not only in workshops but also on the job
  • Email support for queries about the training, for three months after each event
  • Manager’s Guides to support application of newfound skills and knowledge in the workplace

NOMS diagram

A current 5-Module blended leadership programme provides challenge and stretch through a combination of facilitated workshops to introduce new thinking, an online learning community, action learning sets, individual telephone coaching, organisational raids, learning journals, reviews with line managers, and challenge projects to be reported in a final exhibition and online case study bank.




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