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LMD services
Training needs analysis & evaluation

How to ensure learning delivers impact in a
‘more for less’ environment

Devising cost-effective solutions

LMD offers skills profiling to help make best use of existing staff capabilities and identify key skill gaps.

We regularly undertake detailed training needs analysis (TNA).We use questionnaires, focus groups and structured interviews, anddraw on our 30 years’ experience of analysing performance gaps. We focus on the key skills, knowledge and attitudes required to perform well in specific roles and situations, taking into account strategic imperatives and business objectives.
We undertake options appraisal to identify the most cost-effective solution. Our approach is learner-centred, grounded in up-to-date theory and best practice in adult learning. We define key learner characteristics, practical constraints, and desired learning outcomes. Then we identify:

  • what is best learnt face-to-face
  • what can be more flexibly delivered through e-learning or online resources
  • what performance support is needed to sustain and embed learning in the workplace.

Demonstrating impact through evaluation

LMD is committed to rigorous evaluation. We share with our clients the need to demonstrate results from investment in learning and development.  We set great store not only on achieving initial learner satisfaction and demonstrable learning, but also on demonstrable achievement of long term impact in the workplace.

We work with clients to evaluate programmes using Kirkpatrick levels 1-4. We include Level
1 and 2 evaluation within our proposals and seek to ensure that line managers are fully engaged in supporting learning and development, in order to maximise impact on job performance.
At Levels 3 and 4, LMD can undertake online surveys of participants’ and managers’ views of impact on job performance, supported by indepth phone interviews, focus groups or diary studies. We work with clients to identify data sources which will reflect the impact of training on business results.

Kirkpatrick 4 stages of evaluation




LMD designs innovative blended solutions from
scratch, and we refresh and enhance established programmes to give them greater impact for the same
or lesser cost

LMD builds bridges