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Expertise mini

LMD expertise:
Developing internal L&D

The more organisations can do for themselves,
the less they need to spend on suppliers. LMD helps learning & development professionals and line managers develop the skills to deliver learning with long term impact

Co-design and co-delivery

LMD’s skills exchange model builds internal capability to delivery learning internally and
support implementation of learning on the job.

Expertise diagram: co-design and co-delivery

We coach teams and individuals, work collaboratively on designs and delivery, and provide independent reviews of training plans and products. We run short bespoke courses, based on our expertise in training, coaching and mentoring. We help clients to use low-cost methods of delivery effectively, such as team briefings. We also advise clients on developing their online learning capability.

We support qualification programmes such as the CIPD Certificate in Training Practice, CIPD Diploma in Training Management, NVQ Levels 3-5 for trainers and training managers.

“Working with your team has taught me so much - it's consolidated the theory from ILM/CTP qualifications and developed my skills and knowledge. You made it real and coached me through the programmes. Learning from your team’s experience and knowledge has been a real journey, not one that could be designed and delivered - you couldn't 'buy' the knowledge and experience I have gained from working with them. Not only has it been great for the department, but on a personal level it's one of the most significant things to happen in my career to date. Working with LMD has shown me the professional level I would aspire to in all our training solutions.” (Clare McLaughlin, In-house Management Trainer)

“Thank you for all your effort to make sense out of the various disjointed bits of paper. I now feel that it is closer to what I had envisaged and it was clearly very well received by the delegates.  It should be possible for any suitably capable manager to deliver this course alone, although they need to think on their feet when debriefing the various scenarios, in order to maintain interest and involvement.  For some this will take practice and they may wish to shadow a more experienced trainer before going solo.” (Robin Parry, Operations Manager)




Current programmes

Support for managers

  • Briefing skills for managers
  • Presentation skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Appreciative Inquiry skills
  • Coaching & mentoring skills

Train the trainer programmes

  • Initial training for trainers
  • Further development for experienced trainers
  • Using role play effectively in training
  • Accelerated learning &
    learning lab techniques
  • Facilitating action learning
  • Successful blended learning
  • Using online learning environments