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LMD expertise:
Coaching skills training

Developing the skills to coach internally cuts costs and raises standards. LMD offers three different ways to do this.

Enabling managers to coach effectively

Enabling managers to coach their staff effectively can have a huge impact on the performance of individuals and teams.

LMD helps line managers to build coaching into their day-to-day performance management. LMD’s workshop programmes cover the practical use of coaching skills across the full range of performance – how to maintain and improve performance, undertake ‘rescue management’ before issues become serious, and make the most of team potential.

Coaching to assure technical standards

LMD trains experienced technical staff to successfully induct new team members, through coaching focused on individual needs. It’s a safe and effective way to transfer initial classroom learning into the live working environment and inculcate standards into everyday culture and working practice. It adds value by reinforcing standards amongst established staff.

Starting with an overview of relevant knowledge and skills, we move rapidly from coached practice in simulated tasks, to realistic tasks in the training environment and finally to colleague-supported practice in live situations. We develop coaching skills and their application in technical contexts in an integral way, rather than just 'teaching coaching' and hoping staff can apply it in a technical context.

Developing specialist internal coaches

Some organisations have a cadre of specialist internal coaches who function independently. LMD teaches the elements of successful coaching within the context of the whole coach-coachee relationship.

We also offer expert individual and group coaching supervision, to assure ethical standards and enable in-house coaches to continue to refine their practice and build peer supervision capability. If specialist qualifications are required, LMD works with established partner ILM Centres to offer Level 3, 5 and 7 qualifications in coaching & mentoring.

“Overall, Team Managers benefited from the events you ran and most are now much more inclined to have the 'difficult conversations' - and give recognition - than before. This has been echoed in superb 'People Survey' results for our region.” (Jo Ashton-Gray, Operations Manager, Traffic Officer Service)

Jan helped me to reframe one particular issue that had arisen in my coaching practice that was causing me some concern.  Her ability to help me see a different perspective through the application of excellent coaching techniques was impressive” (Coach in supervision at the department for Communities & Local Government)




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