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Expertise mini

LMD expertise:
Leading people through change

Line managers play a crucial role in leading people successfully through change. It pays to develop their skills as part of an effective transition strategy

How well organisations navigate the changes of the next three years, whether they succeed or struggle, will depend vitally on the efforts and initiative of their people.

Poorly led teams lose focus, and become demotivated, disinterested, and resistant to change.  They pull in different, self-motivated directions. The best people leave, so key skills are in short supply. Contrast that with motivated teams pulling together, giving of their best towards a common goal – changing the organisation from within - and taking personal initiative to help make the organisation fit for the future.

Managing the human side of change

Effective change leaders understand and manage the reactions – logical and emotional - of their team, many of whom may feel they are losing out. Constant communication is key.

Effective change leaders establish the need for change and involve everyone in making it happen. They use the energy of their team productively, and generate involvement, ownership, and impact in terms of achieving desired results.

LMD’s ‘Leading People through Change’ workshops create effective change leaders. They will help your team managers become better at managing the human side of change.  As a result, staff will be better motivated and focused on delivering change.

Maintain morale and retain key skills

Successful organisations find ways to ease the pain of losing people and at the same time retain key skills essential for the future. LMD’s ‘Developing an effective transition strategy’ workshop for senior managers and HR professionals, is facilitated by our senior Organisational Development consultants. It enables participants to identify and plan the implementation of effective strategies to maintain morale during a period of major change, focusing on both people who may leave the organisation and those who remain.

“This event came at a very opportune time for us in terms of managing the expectations of our teams over the coming months. The delivery of the programme was first class and the feedback from Team Managers has been much more positive than I expected!” (Senior manager, Highways Agency)




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