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Expertise mini

LMD expertise:
Career development & career change

In tough economic times, investing in career development makes sound financial sense

Stay or go? The skills to decide

LMD’s Managing your Future programme supports individuals who are potentially at risk. We use Career Anchors and the Strengths Deployment Inventory to help people understand personal values and drivers and the type of role they will find most fulfilling. Our focus is on employability – developing the portfolio of experience, skills and qualifications to move flexibly within or between organisations.

Moving on? The skills to find work

LMD’s Toolbox for Career Change provides support in deciding direction, job search, writing CVs, completing application forms, interview and presentation skills. We focus on the key success factors - ensuring that potential employers’ requirements are fully understood and that both written and verbal presentations fully meet them.

Staying? Career development skills for individuals

Our programmes help individuals to actively identify career paths, develop networks, choose effective learning methods, and exploit the help on offer. Often, the biggest source of help is good informal career development discussions with managers and others within the organisation.

Making the most of your team – Career development skills for managers

Traditionally, talent management and career development initiatives have been restricted to the top few. Yet good career development conversations for all will help to retain and engage staff, develop new skills and ways of working. LMD’s programmes help line managers to set career expectations, give useful feedback, provide development opportunities, and support career action plans.

“I came knowing I wanted to change career but not knowing what I really wanted to do, I have a better idea now” (Participant, Managing your Future, Government Offices)

“I think that my best option is to stay where I am, the course has shown me that this is the right place for me, and I am happy here so that’s OK too” (Participant, Managing your Future, Government Offices)

“I was very pleased with the energy shown by your trainer, particularly at the beginning of the course, it set the tone for the day” (Manager, Ofgem)




We also offer

Coaching skills training to help line managers develop team members’ skills without the need for external courses

Leading people through change workshops to help line managers become better at managing the human side of change, so that staff will remain motivated and focused.