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Expertise mini

LMD expertise:
Equality & diversity

People work best when they feel valued and treated fairly by a manager who is open and honest

Managing diversity well is fundamental to sustainable business. When equality & diversity issues are allowed to escalate it is time-consuming, expensive and disruptive for all involved, and bad publicity for the organisation.

For LMD, diversity is about recognising, respecting, delighting in and working with everything that makes each of us different. Learning to work with differences, visible or not, creates an environment where people work together effectively to:

  • Anticipate and meet the needs of all customers
  • Make best use of everyone’s talents
  • Fulfil legal comments and act responsibly within organisations and communities.

Putting our diversity ethics into practice

LMD has a code of ethics which means we put our beliefs and values into practice and ensure that policy is lived throughout everything we do. We plan how to overcome barriers in order to provide a learning climate that is totally conducive to each participant’s learning.

Practical and positive

In our view, culture competence will not emerge simply by reflecting local or national diversity within a workforce. It needs to be actively developed through programmes which build cultural awareness and knowledge and improve interpersonal skills.

LMD facilitators bring issues to life with realistic acted scenarios which make our programmes different and engaging. We create an atmosphere where people can relax and discuss issues related to their organisation and work. Full day programmes provide plenty of comfortable practice, to give people the confidence to apply new skills and knowledge in the workplace.

“The E&D programme has been a real success. We have expanded delivery to meet the needs of different staff groups.  Positive evaluations provide confidence that content is meaningful to all staff and relevant to their everyday working” (Maxine Simmons, Senior Matron Practice & Professional Development, Chesterfield Royal Hospital)




LMD Programmes –
tailored to your needs

Handling conversations around difference and equality (1 day for managers) What to say, when and how to say it, so that difficulties are avoided and performance improves.

Equality & diversity (.05 day for all staff) – awareness raising for
induction and refresher courses.

Equality & diversity (1 day for managers) – awareness raising coupled with skills and techniques
for managing a range of difficult situations, including initial grievances.

Equality & diversity (1 day for
newly-qualified NHS staff) to raise awareness and increase skills, confidence and assertiveness to discuss issues relating to patient
care and their own role in the team.