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Expertise mini

LMD Expertise:
Performance management & development

Effective performance management is based on positive everyday interactions, not form-filling


The hallmarks of LMD’s approach to performance management are:

  • a direct line of sight to business goals
  • a clear link to organisational competence frameworks
  • fairness and transparency in all processes
  • maximum dialogue - and minimum paperwork.
We help clients to develop systems which focus positively on developing people to secure high performance, and we create learning programmes bespoke to organisational needs and processes, drawing on our extensive resource of tried-and-tested learning techniques. We use workplace case studies and scenarios, with the option to work with actors to demonstrate and develop interpersonal skills.

Our learning solutions equip line managers to be effective in:

  • Setting objectives
  • Measuring performance
  • Discussing performance - giving feedback and creating development plans
  • Appraising performance
  • Coaching individual team members
  • Making the most of the team - working with team profiles, developing team vision, improving team dynamics, setting standards for team performance
  • Supporting high-fliers
  • Getting poor performance back on track
  • Tackling absence, discipline and grievance issues

"LMD quickly demonstrated a deep understanding of the Driving Standards Agency and the issues with which it was confronted. They developed creative and innovative solutions and worked in partnership to ensure their successful introduction throughout the Agency. There is no doubt that the new Performance & Development System played an important role in retaining IIP" (Dave Brown, Training & Development Manager, DSA)

"The work with our Team Managers has had a lasting benefit. In particular, the session "Total Performance Management" has translated to improved Team Manager interaction with their staff and brought clear consistency of approach to the PDP box marking levels." (Robin Parry, Operations Manager, Traffic Officer Service)




LMD Programmes -
tailored to your needs

Nip it in the bud! (1 day for managers) How to motivate and inspire people to give their best, sensitively challenge unproductive attitudes, and resolve potential conflict situations early.

Vital conversations (1 day for managers) Being able to engage proactively in a challenging conversation is a defining quality of an exceptional manager and leader. This workshop provides a practical and engaging opportunity to develop confidence and skills.

Performance management: A series of programmes for staff and managers on objective setting, discussing and developing performance, reviewing and assessing performance.