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Expertise mini

LMD Expertise:
Management & leadership

LMD designs and delivers bespoke and
tailored programmes of leadership & management development designed precisely
to meet client requirements

The hallmarks of LMD's approach to leadership & management development are:

  • A clear focus on supporting the everyday application of new-found leadership skills and knowledge to deliver individual, team and organisational change.
  • Making a difference through practical tools and techniques that managers can use immediately.
  • Facilitating self-awareness so that managers make good development decisions.
  • Support to evaluate against chosen measures at individual, team and organisational level.

LMD specialises in the development of team leaders, first line and middle managers, including both those who are new in role and those who are established but lack formal training. We bring extensive experience across central government and agencies, the NHS, local government and higher education, and work with team members who can bring additional private sector experience to bear.

We work closely with in-house development and subject specialists to ensure that we build on the good material and experience that exists within the organisation, and create content, case studies and examples that have impact for you.

LMD puts the learner first and makes learning as self-directed, accessible and appropriate as possible with regard to each participant's workload, lifestyle and learning preferences. This has led us increasingly towards blended learning solutions using a range of experiential workshop methods, online learning, projects, in-role activity, action learning, psychometrics, 360 and coaching.

We offer ILM Endorsed Programmes and partner with ILM Centres for clients wishing to accredit programmes.

We support line managers in implementing performance management & development processes and equality and diversity policies. Our whole system consultancy approach places leadership in context - reframing what leadership looks like, who does it, and how to get it working better in real time as a process within all other systems and processes for developing and delivering services.

"There's a real buzz being generated across the Trust in response to the Leadership, Quality, Excellence programme that LMD has developed and delivered. It is really making a difference during what is very challenging time for senior managers." (Maria Kane, CEO, Barnet, Enfield & Haringey Mental Health Trust)

"Since returning from the first training my way of working has changed beyond expectations. Briefings have been excellent and I have had good comments back from my team. I have been more confident and more assertive throughout. This morning I set one of my staff a task using the GAP method learnt during training. Clear tasks have also been set at briefings to get all staff used to new procedures" (extract from learning diary of a new team manager at the Highways Agency)




See our list of courses
for example of the
programmes we provide




This practical one-day course for NHS Clinical and Non Clinical managers provides easily transferable skills for handling those important yet vital conversations about performance and patient care.




These high impact half-day sessions are designed to help delegates develop a real awareness of how they behave and what they do impacts on patient care