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LMD Partners

We currently have arrangements with three sets of partners:

Drama specialists who can provide both theatre services for large events and roleplay actors for workshops

ILM Centres who work with us to provide Awards in Leadership and Management, when these are required by clients, rather than the ILM Endorsed Programmes that LMD can provide

Technical companies who can provide state-of-the-art services to support the flexible delivery of online 360, e-learning, online resources, webinars, and communities of practice.

Maintaining high standards

The specialist elements that our partners provide are clearly identified and rigorously managed, to ensure seamless quality service.

Each project is managed and administered by core LMD staff, following LMD processes to which partners must adhere in order to assure quality delivery to our clients.

Partners are contracted on a Framework Contract which specifies general expectations, standards, health & safety and quality assurance procedures; and project work is contracted on a Project Contract which specifies additional client requirements.

Partnering arrangements are quality assured through established processes for:

  • assessment of commitment to shared organisational values (lifelong learning, partnership, creativity, quality, integrity, sustainability, respect)
  • assessment of prior experience, including client references
  • observation and review of sample sessions and materials
  • obtaining participant and client feedback
  • reviews during and after contracts
  • participation in shared learning and development




LMD works with
selected partners who
add value by providing specialist services