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LMD - How we work with you


Partnership is in our core value set. All our projects are done with rather than to or for our clients.

We aim to see each project through your eyes, so that we are fully aware of sensitivities, opportunities and stakeholder issues, and the outcomes you need to deliver. We do this partly through the way we initiate and manage projects, ensuring mutual understanding and agreement from the outset, but also through regular contact with and close involvement of your team.

We routinely work with different client values, policies, competency frameworks, delivery standards and styles. We are proud when - as often happens - we are taken to be members of the client team.

We will investigate, listen and probe, and ask you for candid feedback. We check regularly that we're on the right track to deliver the results you need.


We use a rigorous ten-step creative development process which assures quality design and delivery.

Our project management is set within the context of active client relationship management. We ensure that project progress is visible to you at all times, and work with you to ensure seamless dovetailing of our processes with yours.

LMD is committed to rigorous evaluation. We share with you the need to demonstrate results from investment in learning and development, and will agree an evaluation plan with you as part of Project Initiation.

By choosing LMD, you can have confidence that solutions will be properly researched, carefully developed, appropriately piloted, and fully evaluated, so that effectiveness and value for money can be demonstrated to sponsors.

LMD Project Management diagram




Flexibility and partnership
are hallmarks of LMD’s approach to project delivery