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LMD - About us

LMD is an independent learning & development consultancy, working on a bespoke basis for clients. In over three decades of delivery, we have fulfilled every contract. Many clients return
to us year after year for ongoing programmes because of the value we reliably provide.

Hand-picked teams

We operate with a core team of learning designers and project managers working with highly experienced learning and organisational development consultants, trainers, facilitators, coaches, drama and e-learning specialists, who are contracted on a project basis to provide expertise in
the design and delivery of bespoke, blended learning and organisational development programmes.

Each team we field is hand-picked for the work and guaranteed to be available. We’re a WYSIWYG company - who you see in bids and at presentations to your organisation is who you will get in our project team.

Our use of a diverse pool of learning specialists has a positive effect on the quality and efficiency of delivery. It means that we can assign people with precisely the right match of skills and experience needed for specific projects and ensures that we always have more skilled resource than we need to hand to cover absence, maternity, holidays, etc. We are always able to meet client requirements.

Quality assured

LMD first gained Investors in People (IiP) accreditation in 1999, and is still accredited. Our use of the IiP framework enables us to quality assure the company’s most important resource for training design and delivery – our people.

All our team members are selected through a rigorous application process, including phone and face to face interviews and practical demonstrations. Because LMD’s work is largely bespoke, team members are chosen for their ability to quickly grasp cultural and organisational issues. We only work with learning consultants who have 5-10 years’ experience, and often more, because this allows our clients to draw on wide and deep expertise and our teams to respond effectively to all the variation that may occur in a learning and development group.

Brief profiles of our lead learning consultants and staff members are provided. Please ask for more details if you wish.




LMD is big enough
to meet your needs precisely and small enough to care
about each project.